After some period of time of hard-working, our brand new English website is finally alive. The website is made completely by ourselves. Considering the importance of an English website for us, we did not outsource the website building work from website builders. And this is also because we are equipped with the must-have web knowledge that enable us to do that. The following section is about how the website is constructed:

The website is supposed to be Google friendly so that foreign customers can find us easily on Google.

The website is hosted in one US web hosting server so that customers around globe can access the website quickly and smoothly.

The website tries to provide rich information that customers want to see.

The website will be periodically reviewed to make sue no things on that is obsolete.

We will often make some posts that are relative to safety shoes so customers could come back to check out what is new.

We will continue sharpen our website to make it user friendly.

If you have any feedback on our website, you can leave us a comment down blow, we will really appreciate it.