Talking about safety shoes, it is inevitable to refer to which type of toe cap they use. There are mainly 5 types of toe caps for safety shoes that are available on Chinese market. They are steel, iron, composite, aluminum, and plastic. The performance and price of each of them is different. The performance in here includes weight, thickness, and CE conformity. Each of these toe caps have a different price that corresponds to a degree of performance. People tend to want a light and thin toe cap that is conforms to CE standard, but it comes at a cost. The lighter and thinner is the cap, the more expensive it is.

The most ideal toe cap is aluminum which is light and meets CE standard, but the cost is several times higher than steel cap. So it only appears on high end safety shoes. Iron toe cap is a substitute of steel if clients are sensitive to cost and their country has no standard to meet like CE. It is popular in middle east. Plastic toe cap is very light but has no any toe protection function. Composite toe cap is expensive compared with steel, and it is thicker than steel. A very important application of composite toe cap is for insulation of electricity and cold.

aluminum toe cap

Aluminum Toe Cap

Composite toe cap

Composite Toe Cap

Steel Toe Cap

Steel Toe Cap

iron toe cap

Iron Toe Cap

plastic toe cap

Plastic Toe Cap

MaterialAluminum AlloyGlass Fiber + SteelSteelIronPlastic
CostVery ExpensiveExpensiveAverageCheapVery Cheap
WeightLightModerateModerateModerateVery Light
CE ConformityYesYesYesNoNo
ApplicationHigh End ShoesFor InsulationRegular ShoesCheap ShoesNon safety