The outbreak of coronavirus is a very big concern at the moment in both China and overseas. This virus has a high mortality rate and more and more people are reported to get this virus. It is also very contagious. Currently there are no specific drugs for it. The treatment is only supportive which treats complications it causes. So it has caused a lot of panic in China.

Many people wonders if the shoes ordered from China is safe. The answer is absolutely yes. Just image if it was not safe, then most countries at the moment would ban the imports that are from China. We can analyze this question from how coronavirus is transmitted. People get the virus basically by either one of the two ways:

One is by breathing droplet in air breathed out by coronavirus carriers. Droplet is produced when they speak and sneeze. You have to be close enough to the carriers to get infected when they sneezes or are speaking. Otherwise you are quite safe. So this point is not your concern.

The other way by which you can get affected is through your hands. If you touched something that had been touched by a coronavirus carrier, and then you touched your eyes or nose with your hands, you had a chance to get infected. When it comes to safety shoes, the chance you got infected through it is zero. Doctors say coronavirus can live only a couple of hours when leaving human body. The rate of the shoes produced in factory being polluted by coronavirus is extremely low. It is a long way from China to other countries, so all virus would die on the way even if those shoes were unfortunately polluted. It is not possible for you to get infected through touching these Chinese shoes if you are far away from China.

There is a videos on Youtube from Canadian CBC News that answers this question. The video starts to talk about this question at 2:25.