Who We Are

Luyuan is a well-known safety footwear manufacturer in Chinese safety shoes industry. We might be less known by foreign direct clients because we have never gone to trade shows before and barely been doing publicizing.  Most of our current clients are traders and domestic wholesalers that sell our brand in China. Our factory size belongs to a upper level among our Chinese counterparts. Our location is in Gaomi, Shandong, China. Gaomi, as you might have known, is one of main safety footwear production areas in China which is equipped with all necessary shoe materials suppliers and skillful workers of making uppers. This makes us be able to grab all shoe elements quickly with a lower logistic cost and to make quality shoe uppers.

We have been producing safety shoes for over 25 years. Within this 25+ years, we started from a small family workshop with only a couple of workers, and have developed into a shoe factory with a large scale up till now, with a scale of more than 200 workers and 8 production lines. One production line is for rubber cemented shoes and the other 7 production lines are for PU injected shoes. The overall daily capacity is 8000 pairs if working in only one shift per day. Our 25+ years of shoe making experience equips us all knowledge that is necessary to make a quality pair of shoes; With 8 shoe making production lines, we are able to get big orders done quickly and deliver them on time.

We currently not only hold 3 CE certificates but are also accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, LA and BSCI.

Luyuan footwear gate

What We Make

Safety footwear is what we are focused on. Our footwear range is divided generally into two categories,  safety shoes and safety boots, among which the safety shoes category includes sandal, low shoes, ankle shoes and high shoes. The footwear construction is by either PU injected or rubber cemented in terms of how the outsole is made. Each type of outsole has  it’s own feature and cost. The upper materials we use include leather, microfiber and knitted fabric as per customers’ requirement. Some of our products carry CE certificate and we are increasing number of products that has CE certificate. We can also make clients a quality that is from an economy to a high end level based on what materials to use. In order to meet clients’ need and want, we strive to supply our clients competitive and all-in-one products  that has both higher quality and lower price.

Why Clients Buy from Us

The Make-up of Our Current Clients

Over past decades, we have developed a client make-up that includes traders, direct foreign clients, domestic wholesalers, and domestic online retailers which give too much emphasis on domestic clients. Now we want to take it to the next level and get more direct foreign clients. As a result of this, both direct clients and we can benefit from the direct cooperation. The following chart illustrates how the make-up of our current clients looks like:

  • Chinese Traders  60%

  • Domestic Wholesaler  20%

  • Domestic Online Retailer  10%

  • Foreign Direct Clients  10%

What We Believe

Our client’s success will literally be our success and we can grow only if clients’ business grow.

Better price and better quality is always the way for us to win over clients.

Have moral standard, never cheat clients, never get short-term benefit by sacrificing long-term reputation.

Be focused on supplying competitive and value-added products, and then clients will come naturally without much publicity effort.