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Frequently Asked Questions2019-11-14T02:08:37+00:00

Business Questions

Can I visit your factory and which airport is the nearest one to your factory?2019-11-14T01:05:58+00:00

Definitely. Qingdao airport is the nearest one that is only one hour drive to our factory. We will go pick you up at the airport if you come by plane.

I want to be your retailer in my country, can I?2019-11-14T01:06:20+00:00

Currently we do not have any retailers outside China. We temporarily do not have the plan to develop any retailers abroad unless you think you can sell a big volume in your country.

Could you please send me your price list?2019-11-14T01:06:25+00:00

Sorry, we could not. We actually do not have a price list available for customers. This is because of the complexity of shoe types and variety of materials used on shoes. We quote based on exact inquiry.

Can I get samples from you and who pays the cost?2019-11-14T01:06:29+00:00

Sure, you can. We normally take the cost of making samples and you take the courier cost. We will refund you if you place orders later.

Are you a factory or a trader?2019-11-14T01:06:33+00:00

We are absolutely a factory. Our BSCI audit report made by SGS can pronounce it very well. The report goes here

Do you have CE certificates?2019-11-14T01:07:00+00:00

Yes, we do. We currently hold 3 CE certificates. All of them are with embossed cow split leather and steel toe cap and insert plate. They are also with three types of sole patterns. Check our CE certificates here We can also make new CE certificate if your quantity is big enough.

How long is your warranty time?2019-11-14T01:07:04+00:00

It depends. For leather PU injected shoes, we normally give 3 months. For PU leather cemented shoes, we normally give one month warranty.

What is your payment term?2019-11-14T01:07:10+00:00

Our typical payment term is 30% down payment before production and balance payment against copy of Bill of Lading. We also accept LC. Other longer payment term could be discussed if your quantity is super big.

What is the nearest shipping port from your factory?2019-11-14T01:07:16+00:00

Qingdao port. If you  ship goods from our factory to other ports in China, you have to pay some extra inland delivery cost.

What is your MOQ?2019-11-14T01:07:20+00:00

It depends. If it is our regular items that has typical elements of shoes, the minimum order quantity is 500 pairs; Otherwise, you have to order more which could be 1000 pairs or even more.

Questions about Shoes

Can you make me counter samples by only shoes’ photos?2019-11-14T05:36:32+00:00

Absolutely, our designer has the skill to get it done.

PU outsole and rubber outsole, which one wears out faster?2019-11-14T05:32:12+00:00

If the rubber sole is regular sole that is recycle, then rubber sole wears out faster than PU sole. High end rubber sole is an exception.

Can I opt for a LCL instead of a full container?2019-11-14T05:26:36+00:00

Yes, you can. But you have to account the extra FOB cost allocated to each pair and extra sea freight cost happened at your side.

How many pairs of shoes does a 20 GP and a 40 HC hold respectively?2019-11-14T05:23:18+00:00

A 20 GP can hold approximately 3500 pairs and a 40HC can hold around 8500 pairs. You have to consider whether it is low shoes or ankle shoes and the percentage of each in one container.

What is the difference between iron toe cap and steel toe cap?2019-11-14T05:14:20+00:00

Iron toe cap is a cheaper one compared with steel cap. Iron toe cap does not conform to CE standard. Iron cap is also thinner than steel.

What shoe sizes are available in your factory?2019-11-14T05:08:52+00:00

Sizes from 35 to 48. It also depends on what outsole pattern it is. Some of the outsoles have a full range of sizes; some of them have less amount of sizes.

What can I do to make leather shoes more breathable?2019-11-14T03:09:18+00:00

To make leather shoes breathable, the construction of the shoes looks like: a grain leather or suede upper, air mesh lining, perspiration absorbing insole, and no EVA lined front. Grain leather and suede is not covered with membrane which is more breathable than split leather. EVA is not breathable. Air mesh lining allows perspiration flows inside shoes.

Can I make my own outsole pattern?2019-11-14T02:20:17+00:00

Yes, you can. But you have to take the sole mold cost at the beginning which is pretty expensive. Right after the mold is made, it will be your property which will be not used for other customers.  If you could place the order of 4000 pairs at one time, we would take the mold making cost.

Cemented rubber sole and Dual density PU injected sole, which one is cheaper?2019-11-14T02:13:41+00:00

Cemented rubber sole is cheaper. This is because rubber sole is mainly made from recycled rubber materials. PU is not recycle material. But high end safety shoes with rubber sole is not included because the rubber used is not recycled rubber.

What is your cheapest shoes?2019-11-14T02:06:48+00:00

The cheapest shoes are usually popular in middle est, Africa and south Asia countries. It usually has a rubber sole, PU leather upper and iron toe cap and plate. The design is simple that keeps labour cost low.